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Nüüd võite katkestada. Operaator At this time, we have no further questions. Prognoositavate tulude tasemete põhjal eeldame, et suurema käibekapitali tulemusena saadakse teise kvartali jooksul 81 kuni 85 päeva sularaha tsüklit. Võitluses on oluline programm, mis parandab arenguriikide hooldusdiagnostika võimalusi. Ja nii läheb meiega veidi aega läbi "19", et neid läbi põletada.

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The point of departure is the classic postcolonial theorist, Frantz Fanon, in whose writings medicine, healing, and discourse on such topics are seen as the functioning of a specific colonial practice.

The most notable characteristic of the figure of the Estonian patient is non-communicativeness.

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Communication is avoided and feared primarily because it has to be directed toward those in higher positions of power, or to institutions that embody power the apothecary, the hospital.

While these traits also characterize the separation between peasants and their rulers more generally, in a situation of illness the exclusion is felt with a double intensity.

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Sickness casts the peasant in a double bind: when in need of help or healing, contact across the divide between social rank, and — more broadly, between two cultures and ways of understanding the world, becomes unavoidable. In such situations, illness signifies an intensification of the gap in social standing. The ill person, who already stands on a lower rung of the social hierarchy, becomes all the more marginalized.

Употребление слова "исчезновение" было, на взгляд Элвина, очень показательно. Даже теперь Совет не хотел признавать, что Элвин действительно покидал Диаспар. Интересно, знают ли они о том, что в городе побывали посторонние. Скорее всего нет, а то бы встревожились куда .

In keeping with these observations, the real reason behind indecisiveness and refusal of medical treatment may well be an effort to avoid or postpone humiliation on the basis of lower social standing. Other contributing factors might include unconscious resistance — or even a conscious model of resistance — in the psyche, which manifests as an avoidance of communication.

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The content and motivating force for the model is not heroism, but rather a sense of shame. Indeed, behind the context of medical culture lurks ethnic and material isolation.

  • Уже знакомый, но по-прежнему вызывающий благоговение голос был так тих и раздался так близко от Олвина, что тому даже показалось, что Джизирак вряд ли его слышит.
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The patient is expected to be competent in speaking a language foreign to him, Mees peenise keskmise suurusega well as able to orient himself or herself with respect to scientific procedures and discourses. This is a biased, colonial interaction, which brings to light differences in understandings of healing scientific medicine vs.

The study of cultural narratives of illness also permits the observation of contradictions in the humanistic rhetoric of help and its modes of representation.

Illness is a test case for the conditions and relations in the 19th century Estonian agrarian society based on dominance and submission.

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When speaking of illness, writers Semi-Dick Suurus Video as representatives of an institution or discourse eg a higher or lower standing, medical knowledge, anti-German sentiment. The ambivalent nature of illness adds Semi-Dick Suurus Video the complexity of this discursive situation.

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